• Devon Chamber Board of Directors Nomination Form 2022

    Are you familiar with the Devon Chamber, have a passion for seeing other businesses and organizations grow and succeed?

    The Devon Chamber invites nominations for Board Director Positions. This governance board is responsible for all activities of the Chamber; to ensure the financial accountability of the organization, to review the accountability of the board’s sole employee: the Executive Director, to plan for the Chamber’s short and long-term goals, and to ensure that the Chamber’s programs and services meet the needs of members.

    Nominee Eligibility
    Now is the perfect time to add your vision to the Devon Chamber to help strengthen the business community. To be eligible the nominee must be a business owner or representative of a member in good standing of the Devon Chamber. They must also submit the nomination form below including a short biography.

    Nominee Requirements
    A Nominee must express an interest in the Chamber's goals, a willingness to expand knowledge of board responsibilities, and to represent the Chamber in the community and at Chamber functions for a 2-year term, with a time commitment of a minimum 4-6 hours per month.

    What is involved with being a DDCC Board of Director?
    The primary roles are:
    1. To be fiscally responsible, with the other board members, for the organization.
    2. To be morally responsible for the well-being of the organization, pledging to carry out the mission of the Chamber.
    3. To serve a two-year term, attending twelve board meetings a year.
    4. To be actively engaged in fund raising, member recruitment for the organization and to serve on two committees.
    5. To attend Chamber functions on a regular basis (membership lunches, business after hours, fundraisers).
    Election to be held online on during the 2022 AGM.
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    I do hereby consent to allow my name to stand for the 2022 election of the position of Director on the Board of Directors of the Devon & District Chamber of Commerce, and state that I am eligible for said office, and I will accept the Office if elected. *
    I do hereby understand that to be eligible for the election, I shall not allow my personal interest from interfering with the performance of their my duties to the Chamber, or result in personal financial, professional, or political gain at the expense of the Chamber or its members, partners, and other stakeholders. *
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    Will you have time to devote to the Chamber Board; more than attending meetings and Chamber functions?
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    If chosen, are you available to attend the AGM April 2022 *
    Thank you for your application! Applicants will be notified by April 8th.